In the past, when we chatted, I could see a little hope from your words. I really thought that we would look for the people we used to get along with before. I began to dare not to think about who I used to be. At the moment when I knew you, my eyes were so small, so regretful, women would choose the people who were good to themselves. I didn't know how to be good to a person. I was wrong again, when I was When it's completely like that, you're no longer there, but I can't have a trace of heart to her. I don't know you remember that I said to you that if I break up, I will wait for you for three years. Now three years have passed. I never thought that there was such a long time. My love for you has hurt you since I started writing an article in 2010. Now I've been describing it. Looking back on what I wrote before, I have I can't understand myself. Maybe I was confused at that time, and now I am sober. I don't know if you have read my article. I already know that we can't be together. I have no plans for your good or bad. Then I understand that kites can be recovered when they are broken. It's so hard for people to get back when they are gone, because people have! I always feel that you will be hurt too much. Although I am not good to you, I am good to you. Maybe today's chat with me is the first time in a long time for me to see the world as if I were alive , but you are so indifferent to me for a moment. I said that I still insist on you just to let you know that my love for you is true, yes, and unchangeable. Because you let me love exist, it doesn't mean that I will pester you. It will not be like this. Maybe my hand has already been let go!